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+10 Years of Experience Collected in a Course

From: Juan Maldonado (Your Elliott Wave Mentor)
RE: Elliott Wave Training

Dear Trader,

If you want to find the best Elliott Wave trades, understand the price action, and have a map, or even if you just want to stay confident and learn with live trades throughout the entire process, then this is the most important trading letter you’ll read all year!


Here’s why…


Because in Today’s trading world, finding the right opportunity or stay out of the markets can mean the difference between making money or losing out everything.!

Here’s how and why we can make you the best trader…


My name is Juan Maldonado, and I’m an expert on Elliott Wave


I've had more than ten years of experience as a professional trader, trading multiple markets and teaching to over 1000 traders in the last years how to trade successfully.


This virtual training program will give you everything you need to navigate the markets using Elliott Wave successfully!


Every minute you wait is another minute, the price action has ended another wave, and qualified traders are making money, and you DON'T!


9 out of 10 traders FAIL! According to several brokers reports, 9 out of 10 traders are losing their money. Why? Because they lack the knowledge to make smart and precise decisions.


In Fact, Here’s Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get…


  • You'll discover exactly how to get the MOST money for your trades in Today’s market.
  • You'll understand precisely how to find the BEST trade setups for your trading without spending a lot of time and money – and exactly how to get in and out of the markets.
  • You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST traders and go right to the end of the process.
  • You'll know exactly how to make a trade – even with a complex market – and receive help if you have questions.
  • You'll have a TON more money in your pocket when you save thousands of dollars by taking other courses that don't work and don't show how to make the trades in the live markets.

Real Elliott Wave Street ® Case of Study

Imagine you wake up and get ready for a trading session, after having a delicious warm coffee. You are now in front of your charts.


Here is the scary blank chart on the live market at that time:


Ignore this is the NZD/USD on the hourly chart, could be any other instrument or timeframe you like to trade (AAPL, BABA, TSLA, ES, OIL, etc.)

Would you buy, sell, or stay out?

Tricky right? Well, as traders, we have to deal with these situations every day. What if I tell you this is a high probability trade where we can profit 200 pips or more?

Let me show you the step by step process with my methodology...

Step 1: The Elliott Wave Street ® Daily Wave Count

The first and most crucial step of finding the trade is checking the Elliott Wave analysis, and it is my foundation to find the trade. (In this training program you are learning how to do your wave counts from scratch and see my live market wave counts during two months).

Here is the Elliott Wave analysis chart from our member's area on that morning.

This high probability Elliott Wave Street ® analysis is telling we are heading north, is this enough to trigger a trade? Here comes the most exciting part, along with the wave analysis, we need to add the validation strategy for increasing the probability of success.

Step 2: The Cyclone Revolution™ Strategy to Validate the End of the Wave

On this real trading setup shared with our members, the trade was:


BUY NZDUSD 0.623 STOP LOSS 0.621 (Market order shared with members)


Yeap a small stop loss only 20 points allowing a bigger position without risking more than 2% of the account. The conservative target explained in the daily member's video, (you are getting my daily live market analysis, during your training process), would guide you during the movement. With this system, we can set a target or manage the trade to take out as much as possible during the trending market.

Step 3: The Cyclone Revolution™ Shows Where to Take Profit +300 Points

Impressive trade! Not all the trades are indeed going to give us all these points. It depends on each trend, but the trading system will tell us where to close the trade with profit.

The Elliott Wave Street ® graduated student will have a robust mindset to approach the markets from an Elliott Wave point of view. With the Cyclone Revolution Strategy™ will have an objective methodology to plan the trade, having a specific entry-level and a small stop loss in points.


The same process works on any timeframe, from the daily chart to the 1-minute chart providing a unique trading approach and a deep price action understanding.

The Elliott Wave Street® Course (Elliott Wave Training with 7 Lessons and Cyclone Revolution Strategy with 7 Lessons) is a powerful online trading course for any trader. All the strategies work on FOREX, Stocks, Futures, Indicies, Cryptocurrencies, and any other financial market. The lessons include examples of different markets. These strategies are for Position, Swing, Day, and Scalping.

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Elliott Wave Street® Course Study Plan

Lesson 1: Introduction to Elliott Wave

Time: 53 min.

In this lesson, you are going to learn the history of Elliott Wave, fundamental Fibonacci ratios, introduction to the impulse and corrective wave. Elliott Wave basic rules, Nature of Elliott Waves, Degrees and Color Code, understanding the subjectivity of the theory and three complimentary videos about Fibonacci, and the golden ratio.

Lesson 2: Start your Wave Counts

Time: 28 min

In this lesson, you are going to learn where, how, where, and when to start your wave count on a blank chart. Time frame selection and the best FREE data feeds to get as much data as possible to have a precise wave count. My tips and tricks to start the wave count and quickly define the highest probability scenario to work.

Lesson 3: Charting Platforms

Time: 21 min

Learn my favorite charting platforms to make wave counts, a walkthrough on different platforms to reveal how to make the wave count. For this course, you can use any platform of your preference, the tricks to label the waves are universal and work on any platform.

Lesson 4: Impulse and Diagonal Waves

Time: 53 min

Learn all the rules and guidelines for the impulse, leading and ending diagonal waves, and extensions. Channeling techniques and exclusive methodologies to find the right wave count.

Lesson 5: Corrective Waves

Time: 40 min

The correctives waves are known as the most difficult Elliott Wave patterns to learn, understand, and trade. I am going to disprove this; after doing wave counts for more than a decade, I found a way to teach the corrective waves in an easy and fast way to learn. In forty minutes, you are going to be an expert and able to make wave counts that for most traders are complicated in a quick, easy, and professional way.

Lesson 6: The Awesome Oscillator

Time: 40 min

The Elliott Wave theory is subjective; in this course, I develop exclusive techniques to reduce the subjectivity and make objective, technical, and high probability wave counts. The Awesome Oscillator is my top tool to have an objective analysis. You are going to learn how to pick the best wave count, time frame to trade and label, and do fast but precise wave counts using this tool.

Lesson 7: Fibonacci Applications

Time: 40 min

Learn how to use the Fibonacci tool on the Elliott Wave theory, retrace, and extension. Find high probability support and resistance levels.

Elliott Wave Street® Cyclone Revolution Strategy

Lesson 1: Introduction and setup

Time: 37 min

The Cyclone Revolution strategy is our exclusive trading system that confirms the end of the Elliott Waves with a set of objective technical rules. The Cyclone Revolution strategy is friendly with all charting platforms, and we have templates for Motive Wave, TradingView and Metatrader 4 and 5.

Lesson 2: Trading the Cycles

Time: 67 min

Imagine finding the end of the waves with an objective system. In this lesson, you learn how to enter the market with precision and understand where the price is in relation to the market cycle. You can trade on any timeframe from the monthly to the 1 minute.

Lesson 3: Cyclone D

Time: 36 min

The Cyclone D indicator tells when the market is losing momentum and shows trading signals. Helps to find the right Elliott Wave count and, in combination with the Trading the Cycles (Lesson 2), provides a robust entry to the market. It also helps to manage the trade showing with precision where to take profits during each wave.

Lesson 4: Cyclones

Time: 30 min

Would you wait for the train to stop at the station to get in? Or would you jump to the rails before the train arrives? 100% of the traders asked these questions will wait for the train to stop at the station. A majority of traders don't know how to see the train at the station in their charts. The Cyclones is the tool to find the perfect timing to validate the end of a wave.

Lesson 5: Cyclone Trend Indicator

Time: 45 min

Do you know when a market is starting to trend? With this indicator, you will spot the beginning of the trend. Let's say you see a wave two, but you don't know how to get in before the third wave happens. Using the Cyclone Indicator, the problem is solved, it filters low probability trades and confirms when the new wave is starting with a minimum lag.

Lesson 6: Bollinger Bands

Time: 30 min

68.27% of the price movement is inside one standard deviation of a 20 SMA and 95.45% inside of two standard deviations. Using Bollinger Bands in combination with the Cyclone Revolution, we can have a different perspective of the price action to use it as an additional confirmation to jump into the market.

Lesson 7: Real Application Examples

Time: 53 min

It is time to put all together. In this lesson, we show real examples of trade setups found in the live membership. Each trade setup starts with the Elliott Wave count, and the Cyclone Revolution System validates the end of the wave to trigger the trade. The examples are in these markets XAU/USD (Gold) - EUR/USD - AAPL (Apple Inc) - USD/JPY - BABA (Alibaba) - USD/CHF with scalping, day trading, and swing trading.

Elliott Wave Street® Volume Profile Advanced Training

Lesson 1: Intro to Volume Profile (From my webinars)

Time: 70 min

Learn from scratch all the Volume Profile Basics and find the real value of the price in your charts. Is the price low or expensive? Where are the institutions trading in the chart? How to avoid traps and find the best price to trade? Find the answers to these questions in lesson 1.

Lesson 2: My Price Action Secrets (From my webinars)

Time: 60 min

Price action strategies are key during the final approach for taking the trade. In this lesson, I selected my favorite price action strategies combined with Volume Profile. Learn how to trigger trades at value areas and beat the institutional traps.

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FOREX, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities and Indices

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then 99 USD per month
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  • Elliott Wave Report with daily, 4-hour, and 1-hour chart (Monday to Friday).
  • Elliott Wave Big Picture Report weekly and monthly charts (Monday).
  • Daily FOREX Elliott Wave Analysis Video with trade ideas, targets, invalidations, and strategies (Monday to Friday).
  • Stocks and ETFs Elliott Wave Analysis Video with trade ideas, targets, invalidations, and strategies (Tuesday and Thursday).
  • Daily Commodities and Indices Elliott Wave Analysis Video with trade ideas, targets, invalidations, and strategies (Monday to Friday).
  • FOREX, Futures and Stocks Swing Trade Ideas with entry and stop loss. (Website and Telegram).
  • Forum Access: Questions, Follow Up and more.

At the end of each billing cycle, your subscription will automatically renew under the exact same conditions unless you or we cancel the active subscription. You can cancel your subscription renewal by sending an email to support@elliottwavestreet.com, cancellations become effective after seven days of the receipt of the request.


Lifetime access to the student's forum.

You are getting lifetime access to the course and students forum, study 24/7 at your own pace. The online forum is always open to receive all your questions. Share with our community your trades, questions, anything you need, and I am going to be there to help you.

Regular Price: $1699 USD
Special Price: $747 USD
More than 50% off!

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Refund Policy: All sales of courses, memberships, and any other service we offer on the website elliottwavestreet.com are final. Read the Terms and Conditions for more information.