Podcast Transcript

Hello Traders, Im Juan Maldonado. Welcome to the Trading Show With Juan Maldonado on Elliott Wave Street in this episode I am going to talk about my Trading Journey. In this podcast im going to share with you how I became a successful trader and analyst, and why I teach and share my knowledge with others.

It’s a pleasure to share my trading history with you when I was studying at the university to get a Finance Degree,(5 years) spending time to learn how to trade successfully since that time trading is my passion.

Once I finish, the university studies, my internship started, in a commodity trading firm. In this institution, I saw in the real world the millions of dollars that the markets moved every day. After six months, the internship ended, and they ask me to stay with a good salary and a better job. But I said NO because I wasn’t happy with working for others to reach their dreams. I wanted to become an independent trader.

Was a tough decision because I wasn’t ready to trade alone, in the firm I was working with expert analysts and traders and was easy to make decisions with their help. Once I left the firm, my real trading journey started as an independent trader. I was on my own using savings to trade. After a couple of months, I have lost everything all my savings were gone.
I have to make a decision leaving trading or going back to a firm. It was hard, but I picked to stay as an independent trader. I took more courses and read a lot of trading books to find a proper trading strategy.

During this road, I met the Elliott Wave Theory a complex set of guidelines and rules. I have a hunch that this theory was the one to make me be a good trader. In the beginning, I was wrong, after reading the Elliott Wave Principle: A Key to Market Behavior book by Frost and Prechter. I was completely lost, all my wave counts became invalid the next day, my projections were horrible and with low probability.

It was hard, but I didn’t stop practicing 24/7 doing wave counts and studying hard. It is my passion so no trouble of spending all this time. After memorizing all the guidelines and rules, it was tough almost impossible to use the theory on the live market.

In that time, I found my mentor Jody Samuels, former Wall Street trader. With a lot of experience, she helps me to understand the Elliott Wave theory in a practical way. I feel so grateful for having Jody as my mentor because she was vital to boost my trading and become successful. Today Jody continues as my mentor, personal friend, and we do business together. Plus I am her private Elliott Wave Analyst since I was able to Master Elliott Wave (from 2010).

She is using my Elliott Wave analysis to make her trading decisions and train her students.

When I started to be successful in the markets, I feel something inside it was a voice telling me to share my knowledge with others. I began to teach trading to my Spanish clients, and now almost ten years later. I look back, and I see this project as one of the most significant accomplishments of my life along with successful trading.

Then I started to mentor clients in English and providing daily analysis on different markets, like FOREX, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Indicies, and others. Here on Elliott Wave Street, you can find the memberships and courses.

If becoming a good trader is so hard now imagine helping others to do it that is the real deal. But when we teach, we learn more and found that the curiosity of a student was boosting my trading knowledge too.

After all these years entirely inside the trading industry, Im 100% satisfied with the decisions that I make, leaving the firm and starting my independent trader life. There is no regret at all.

My story confirms we must not stop fighting to achieve our dreams.

Today I feel proud of myself. Im a successful trader, coach/mentor, and outstanding Elliott Wave analyst. Hundreds of traders are watching my reports every day to make their trading decisions.

I love to teach my passion for trading, technical analysis, of course, Elliott Wave and trading strategies, help others to become successful traders. I teach using the live markets. When the student learns from real-time examples, that’s where their trading careers are going to take off.

Im sure this was an inspirational content for you and your trading.

Thank you for listening to this podcast. If you want to be part of my future journey in the trading industry, you are welcome to signup on the memberships or take a training course. Im waiting to be your mentor and help you to master technical analysis, Elliott Wave and tune in your trading strategy.

I’ll see you on the next podcast episode, video, or written report. Here on Elliott Wave Street, you will find all the tools to become the best trader on earth. See you later.