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  • Forex and Crypto Markets:
  • Futures Markets:
  • S&P500 - DJIA - NASDAQ - Russell - DAX - FTSE - Dollar Index - 10 YR BOND - GOLD - SILVER - Natural GAS - OIL
  • Stock Market:
  • Daily (Monday through Friday) Elliott Wave analysis charts (Daily, 4-hour, and 1-hour timeframes) and monthly / weekly chart reports on Mondays.
  • Daily video with live market analysis applying Elliott Wave and institutional cycles, strategies and commentary on the trading plans followed during the week, along with educational tips to improve your trading every day.

    Updated Monday through Friday in the morning New York time.
  • Monthly Q&A live webinar.

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  • Includes everything on the Premier Access Plus:
  • Live Stream Monday to Friday, starting between 8:30 and 9:00 AM EST during NY mornings.
  • Day Trading Plans EURUSD and ES (SPX500) in the Discord channel during the New York session. Detailed explanations provided in the daily videos.
  • Trading Plans FOREX and Futures swing trading plans in Discord.
  • Trading Academy From Elliott Wave fundamentals to advanced techniques in price action and volume profile, our comprehensive educational library dedicated to Elliott Wave theory applications. Explore a detailed list of courses and descriptions beneath the pricing table to begin your journey into mastering Elliott Wave strategies.
  • Juan Waves Reports is an afternoon written report featuring Elliott Wave analysis and updates on key instruments, highlighting the trading plan. The report is published 2 to 4 times a week, depending on market movements.
  • Discord Community Chat Rooms. Ask questions share your views and interact with the Elliott Wave Street team and members.

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  • Includes everything from Premier and Elite plus:
  • The Master Mind membership is designed for traders with a high level of commitment, aiming to fully unlock the potential of Elliott Wave strategies and trading models.
  • Mastermind Trading Academy Learn advanced trading techniques such as the Auction Theory, Wyckoff with Elliott Wave and other advanced courses. (Coming soon 2024)
  • Mastermind Discord Chat Room Share your questions and trading plans based on the advanced strategies.
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Trading Academy Course List

These courses are included in the Elite and Mastermind memberships

This course is designed to introduce the professional trading model basics that we work with with four lessons, which include an introduction to trading, risk management, and swing trading tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

The daily reports are published close to the New York market opening at 8:30 AM EST.

The membership caters to both beginners in Elliott Wave, starting from scratch, and experienced Elliotticians. Beginners are encouraged to take the Elliott Wave Crash Course (available in Elite and Mastermind plans) for fast-track training, enabling them to benefit from our professional analysis quickly. Experienced traders familiar with the theory can refresh their concepts and gain from our wave analysis through detailed explanations and a second opinion.

When asked why I teach trading strategies, my answer is deeply rooted in my personal journey and passion. My journey began with a university project in 2008, where I envisioned creating an honest, ethical trading academy amidst a landscape often spiled by scams and false promises.

Upon graduating with a Finance and Foreign Trade degree, I realized that despite my education, I lacked the practical skills to be a profitable trader.

This led me to dedicate years to learning from the best in the industry, investing thousands of dollars and countless hours into my education. After seven rigorous years of daily study and invaluable mentorship, I finally achieved professional success in trading.

This triumph reminded me of my initial dream: to share these powerful insights with others. In 2010, I turned this dream into reality by launching my mentorship program and revisiting the business plan I had developed years earlier.

Teaching trading became a newfound passion. I discovered the joy of helping others navigate the trading world with honesty and integrity, providing them with the truth about trading that I had learned the hard way.

Beyond the fulfillment of assisting others, teaching has exponentially expanded my own knowledge, keeping me at the forefront of trading strategies and market dynamics. The success of my teaching endeavors has only fueled my desire to continue this path, creating a symbiotic relationship where both my students and I benefit.

It has been a win-win scenario: my students gain from my experiences and the comprehensive knowledge I share, while their success and feedback push me to improve and expand my own understanding of the markets continuously.

My commitment to teaching is lifelong, and over the years, I’ve had the privilege of training thousands of traders worldwide. My story and dedication are embodied in the Elliott Wave Street membership, where I bring years of experience to life with practical, live market applications.

My journey from a finance student to a professional trader and then to a mentor encapsulates my mission to foster a community of well-informed, ethical traders.

Through Elliott Wave Street, I invite you to join me in this continuous learning journey, promising an honest, insightful, and enriching experience.

Juan Maldonado

Founder and CEO of Elliott Wave Street, member of the Market Technicians Association, and Elliott Wave analyst with more than 15 years of experience. Trading, studying and teaching the behavior and opportunities of the financial markets including FOREX, Stocks, Futures, Commodities, and Cryptos.

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Members Testimonials
"I have been using the content for almost a year now and I have found it exactly to the point. Juan has great knowledge and he is very clear."
Ali Qureshi
London, United Kingdom
"Thank you Juan, keep up the great work and daily service. Very helpful and good teacher!"
Joao Carretas
Oeiras, Portugal
"Juan helps you to understand where are you in the market and where are you going using Elliot Wave Theory."
Andrei Ciobanu
Florida, United States
"I really recommend to anyone who likes to trade in the markets to follow Elliott Wave Street as a mentor."
Wilfredo Janamejoy
United Kingdom
"Learn something new almost every day!"
Stan Shultz
Florida, United States
"For beginners and advanced traders, Elliott wave street is the best website to get market direction and to get accurate wave counts. After all, that is what matters most. Juan Maldonado takes the time to explain why certain wave counts work or don't work, plus he uses other indices to explain what is really happening in the markets. I wished I had known about Elliott wave and your website since the year 2000. Your website has greatly improved my trading and confidence."
Quintine Seymour
Colorado, United States
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