Are You Looking for Capital to Increase Your Trading Profits?
Monetize your trading skills with a Funding Account that allows you to trade up to $500,000 USD in FOREX and CFDs and obtain a 75% share of the profits.
Benefits of a Funding Account
Advantages of Seven Go Funding's Funding Accounts

Seven Go Funding’s funding accounts are backed by an investment fund in the United States and are allocated through Think Markets, a broker of international prestige regulated in the United Kingdom. This regulation ensures not only security and reliability in each trade but also transparent management aligned with the highest standards of the financial sector.

These are the advantages that Seven Go Funding offers to traders who choose their funding accounts:

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How to Obtain a Seven Go Funding Account?
Achieve 10% profitability in a Test Account, complying with the rules of the investment fund. This test not only allows you to demonstrate your trading skills but also ensures that you can generate sustainable profits in the long term.
STEP 1: Register and choose the size of your Test Account, which can be up to $500,000 USD.

STEP 2: Set up your Test Account and platforms to start trading.

STEP 3: Pass the test by demonstrating your trading skills.

STEP 4: Obtain your Funding Account with real money. This account will have the same size as your Test Account.

STEP 5: Withdraw your profits. Make your first withdrawal whenever you want, then a withdrawal every 30 days.
Seven Go Funding is an affiliate of Prop Account, LLC. All funding assessments are provided by Prop Account, LLC, and all assessment fees are paid to Prop Account, LLC. If you qualify for a Funded Account, you will be required to enter into a Trader Agreement with Prop Account LC. Neither Prop Account, LLC nor Prop Account LC provides any trading education or other services. Any such services are provided by Seven Go Funding.