The new year is a reset of trading; we should establish trading goals and plan to achieve them. The best job in the world is trading. You can make money from anywhere and enjoy all its benefits. Of course, reaching a level where enough money is made constantly requires effort. I found that the Elliott Wave theory is a good shortcut in the learning process because it provides the most critical piece of the mechanism, the market structure, which acts as the primary filter to get the bias, and simple price action strategies can be applied to decide if we should go short or long.

I spent the last 13 years showing traders how Elliott Wave can improve their trades and lives with outstanding results. The best teacher is the same market, so the best way to teach trading is by showing the concepts in real-life situations, and when we teach with live trading, the traders accelerate their learning and reach their goals faster.

Join me in the weekly analysis video below to showcase the benefits of applying the Elliott Wave theory in charts and why 2023 is likely the best year!