Imagine having a precise market map knowing the price turning points. It sounds like a scam, right? Well, most traders are constantly looking for that; every week, I receive two or more emails asking if Elliott Wave will provide the precise target for each market swing. I remember once a trader from Asia asked me for a report with a specific target date and time when the price would turn. When I replied, explaining that it was impossible, he got mad and said to continue looking for that type of system. So the reality of markets is that nobody knows exactly where the price will turn around. You can waste a lot of money and time trying to find the answer. Learning to read supply and demand and follow money flow can make you a profitable trader.

The Elliott Wave theory is the closest to having a precise market map as a GPS but is not a complete solution; it requires combining the expected waves with supply and demand to decide to jump in a trade. This week I go through some examples of finding the end of the waves and a crystal clear strategy on the EUR/USD and SPX500.