The world of trading is vast and intricate, with countless strategies and methodologies available to traders. One of the most renowned theories in the realm of market analysis is the Elliott Wave theory, which offers traders a unique lens to forecast market movements. This theory can yield remarkable results when combined with the science of supply and demand.

In our latest video, which you can watch below, we dive deep into live market analysis, demonstrating the application of the Elliott Wave theory alongside supply and demand techniques. The markets under our microscope include EUR/USD, SPX500, and XAUUSD.

One key takeaway from our session is the paramount importance of risk management. In the volatile trading domain, preserving capital is as crucial as making profits. We advocate for a risk model that involves risking only a modest 1% of your account when a trade setup doesn’t seem promising. But when the winds are in your favor, you must let your trade run, giving you the potential to make 5% or more on that particular trade.

You can find an edge in the market by arming yourself with a comprehensive strategy that harnesses both the Elliott Wave theory and supply and demand techniques. Moreover, a concrete risk management strategy will ensure that your trading journey is both sustainable and profitable in the long run.

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