The world of trading is filled with mysteries and challenges. Every trader has wondered at some point why some trades succeed while others merely trigger the stop loss. Although trading strategies typically have a predetermined success rate, the question remains: what differentiates a winning trade from a losing one?

In the relentless pursuit of this answer, many traders dedicate thousands of hours to studying various techniques such as moving averages, indicators, and Price Action. However, they often find themselves analyzing the same data under different names. While technical analysis is a valuable tool, it is not always sufficient to ensure success in trading.

The Key Lies in Market Liquidity

Many of the mysteries that technical analysis cannot resolve become clear when considering market liquidity from the perspective of the market maker. Take, for example, the head and shoulders pattern, a classic trend reversal pattern. This pattern, though popular, sometimes seems to work randomly. However, by combining it with the market maker’s intent, we can gain a much clearer insight and significantly increase our chances of success.

An Innovative Trading Model

In our continuous effort to improve our clients’ trading, we have designed a trading model that identifies market maker activity on the charts in a straightforward manner. By combining this approach with any trading strategy, especially our favorite, the Elliott Wave theory, we create a robust and efficient trading system.

Detailed Example on the S&P500

In our latest video, we present a detailed example of how to apply this model on the S&P500. We use our exclusive “Big Guy” indicator, which helps identify the market maker’s intent. This analysis, combined with the Elliott Wave cycle, provides a comprehensive view that can transform your trading approach.


Trading does not have to be a game of chance. With the right tools and an approach based on market liquidity, it is possible to anticipate the next move with greater accuracy. If you want to learn more about how to improve your trading results, don’t miss our video and keep exploring our educational resources.

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