I have been coaching clients on Elliott Wave since 2010, from institutional traders who look to improve their wave counts to retail traders with huge issues and completely lost in their trading careers. One thing that all have in common is the wish to have an easy and successful way of applying the wave theory. Still, the most significant error I have found in these traders is the poor application of the theory. They were trying to figure out when a wave is finished by applying Fibonacci retracements and technical tools that only make the Elliott Wave theory their worst enemy and source of bad trades.

I am 100% sure that Elliott Wave can fix most traders’ issues, including psychological ones. I develop a methodology to speed up the process of learning the technique by training in the live markets of my clients, and it has been a complete success. You can also have that experience by watching the weekly live markets update with clear and comprehensive Elliott Wave setups on the EUR/USD and SPX500 to experience the theory in real life.