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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – USDCHF – SPX500 [Video]

Price action contains all the data needed to understand the institutional plans; Elliott Wave is the tool to classify institutional cycles and create trading based on scenarios. Trading with Elliott Wave is triggering high probability setups with low risk. This week we are looking to trigger a short trade in the EURUSD and SPX500 while buying USDCHF. Please find all the details on the weekly analysis video.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – SPX500 – USDCAD [Video]

After the surprising CPI report, risk markets are crashing. From the stock market to the crypto market, everything against the US Dollar is going down strongly. The Elliott Wave analysis was able to assist us in creating a detailed plan of action before the crash to get ready for the intense cycles down. This week we expect an intense crash in the risk markets. In the weekly video, watch our point of view.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – SPX500 – WTI [Video]

Price action is the king in price data analysis; momentum indicators help measure the legs' strength. Elliott Wave is a cycle tool; everything in life has cycles, including markets. These cycles can be balanced or imbalanced. As traders, we look for imbalanced setups to act and trade. We identify these opportunities during corrective waves in the Elliott Wave theory, 2,4, and B. This week the SPX500 and the EURUSD will start their second waves of corrective patterns; please find on the weekly video the details.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – SPX500 – WTI [Video]

Last week the global markets were down, hitting the lowest price in 2022. Will they recover, or are they in a bear market? Having a bias with precise timing to enter the market is crucial to survive. The Elliott Wave theory helps us understand the current institutional market cycle to define the upcoming strategy. The Elliottician can read the supply and demand market sentiment to make better decisions. Nothing better than seeing the theory in real-life action. Key points about the weekly Elliott Wave analysis: - The US Dollar is weakening; institutions seek riskier assets, good for the SPX500, BTC, [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – SPX500 – DX [Video]

While most market participants panic due to the strong move down in the risk markets, we see the waves down as a discount to start carefully and smartly planning the long trade.The Elliott Wave theory is good for understanding the market price action behavior, but it does not work providing the entries. So it needs to be combined with other techniques to confirm the wave reversals.This week find inside the Elliott Wave video a clear medium-term strategy on the SPX500, EURUSD, and the US Dollar.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – SPX500 – Bonds [Video]

This week, the market (SPX) is likely to show either a crash or reversal; according to the Elliott Wave analysis, the probability is higher to signal a reversal. Price is testing yearly (2022) lows. If we get rejection and demand shows up, we will confirm the reversal.Risky assets like EUROs, BTCs, Stocks, etc., will benefit from the SPX500 reversal. In the weekly video, find all the details.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – SPX500 [Video]

The EURO has been losing territory against the USD, and we are likely to have a reversal or at least a bull corrective soon once the accumulation scheme shows up in the chart. With the Elliott Wave theory, it is possible to find the right place to trigger the trade.In the meantime, the SPX500 has been selling off strongly. According to the price action, there are two main scenarios to consider and react to. In the weekly video, find the details about each setup, and remember to trade with the waves.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – EURJPY – SPX500 [Video]

The Elliott Wave edge comes from deeply understanding the market cycles. I love trading with this technique and have used it for over 13 years. Once we get to the point after analyzing the waves, we can find a trade opportunity by confirming the end of the wave with other techniques such as price action.We are looking for Elliott Wave setups on these markets in the weekly video: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, and SPX500.

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