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Weekly Trading Plans on USD/CAD – WTI – SPX – BRK [Video]

When the trader starts using the Elliott Wave theory, his trading improves. This fantastic technical tool creates a map to understand where the price action is and where it is likely to go. In this video, find Elliott Wave trading plans to use right away and have a new perspective for your trades. Combine the comments with your current strategy and follow the waves! Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day trial today: https://elliottwavestreet.com/membership/

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Weekly Trading Plans on EUR/USD – USD/JPY – DX – SPX [Video]

Price actions draw cycles on the charts every tick. Did you know we can name each cycle? Elliott Wave theory does it! It is a powerful analysis tool; it creates a map of the past cycles and future scenarios. Last week one of my favorites was the EURO. The plan was to trigger a long trade, is working nicely so far. Watch the following video and see my favorite Elliott Wave trading plans for the week. Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day trial today: https://elliottwavestreet.com/membership/

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Great Opportunity in the EURO

Technical analysis in the EUR/USD suggests that the price is in a reverse zone. Last week, the EURO direction was bearish. Will the rebound happen? Let's find out by studying Elliott's waves. The Elliott Wave theory is a technique to understand market cycles. In the EURO, we are facing a situation of a possible reversal, a long trade of high probability, if and only if, the price validates the change in trend. Elliott Wave 4-hour temporality analysis The price is going down, but making a trap, in the 4-hour chart, we are going to focus on three "ABC" waves in green. [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans on EUR/USD – USD/JPY – SPX – DX [Video]

The EURO against the US Dollar drop to the lowest price of the last three weeks. Is that a bargain? According to the Elliott Wave count, the price is at a highly attractive level to look for a bullish entry. While the USD/JPY is expensive and once its value goes higher than 109.50, the sellers will start looking for shorts, and the wave count suggests it will be an excellent opportunity to find the reversal and take shorts. While the S&P500 is in a stable upward trend, expecting to see higher highs during the week. Especially a breakout of the 3100 [...]

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Strategy for trading the EURO!

The EUR/USD shows a lateral behavior during the last weeks. The price is stuck between resistance 1.1180 and support 1.1054. Will it break down? The Elliott Wave analysis is a market map, like a GPS that allows you to reach the destination without getting lost. Imagine being able to navigate market cycles using any strategy, but increasing the likelihood of success. Elliott Wave is the tool that enhances all types of trading and helps the trader to improve the entries and exits in the market. A group of traders gathers to discuss the possible scenarios of the EURO. Some say it [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans on NZD/USD – SPX – DX – AAPL [Video]

We are in a new trading month, November seems to come with excellent trading opportunities. The NZD/USD is showing a high probability Elliott Wave setup. It is a short trade that is starting today, and the target is at 0.6250 area. The S&P 500 is in the middle of a powerfull bullish trend, and more upward movement is coming. Dollar Index is finding a bottom soon, and once the bearish cycle it's done, the EURO will show a short trade. Apple is gaining momentum and has more room to continue climbing. These instruments are showing Elliott Wave setups to follow this [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans on GBP/USD – SPX – WTI – BABA [Video]

A trader that incorporates the Elliott Wave analysis to its trade making decision process. Will boost results form the first day, thanks to the in-depth knowledge that the wave principle provides of the price action. In this video, we are talking about the GBP/USD, S&P500, OIL, and BABA. From an Elliott Wave point of view with trade plans to follow during the first days of the week. Make sure to combine our observations with your trading strategy. Watch the video now, and have a profitable trading week. Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your [...]

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Bullish EUR/USD – Until When?

The EURO rises steadily during the last three weeks. The fundamentals related to Brexit are helping it to climb. In this article, we share our updated Elliott Wave count for the EUR/USD. Analyzing price action from the big picture is a task that opens the mind of the analyst, and helps to understand the position of the price against the past price action. The Weekly Chart Analysis In the weekly chart, a bearish cycle of five waves is happening. The black waves “i, ii, iii, iv, v” are building an ending diagonal. This cycle is the last downward move to complete [...]

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Brexit Trading Plans on GBP/USD – USD/JPY – DX – BABA [Video]

The Brexit drama is still on; all the traders around the world are guessing possible scenarios. But nothing is confirmed yet, and it is purely political. While the Elliott Wave theory works based on mass psychology. In this Elliott Wave analysis, video find my favorite trade plans for the week on GBP/USD, USD/JPY, DX, and BABA. The short on dollar yes is ready to start the powerful wave three. Elliott Wave Analysis Video Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day trial today: https://elliottwavestreet.com/membership/

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