Weekly Trading Plans: USD/CAD – SPX500 [Video]

Trading market cycles makes all the sense of the world; the fine print comes when finding the reversals (end of cycles). There is where Elliott Wave jumps on the stage to guide during the process. Firstly it helps to count the cycles, and once the market cycles are complete, we can start looking for an entry. This week we are looking for a bullish trade on USDCAD and S&P500.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – SPX500 – DX [Video]

The S&P500 index is making new record highs today during the New York session. Our Elliott Wave analysis has been anticipating the bullish move after every retrace. It will be good to have a retrace to add to the bullish position. While the EURO is messy but clear on the big picture and the Dollar could be topping.Find all the details and plans on the weekly video:

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – SPX500 – WTI [Video]

We are starting the week with a big bearish corrective wave on the S&P500. Is this the beginning of a crash? As traders, our concern and focus should be price action rather than anticipating a crash. Most of the time, after this type of corrective wave, we end up with a V-type bullish reversal. Reading price bar by bar is key to success in markets. Elliott Wave helps us to stay focus and have a clear plan to avoid making wrong decisions.This week our Weekly Elliott Wave video report gives an in-depth analysis of the current situation with crystal clear trading [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – DX – SPX500 – WTI [Video]

Stock markets are rising, reaching new record highs every week, buying after the corrective waves have been the smart choice to make. With the Elliott Wave theory is possible to understand the corrective wave and find its end.This week we are looking for a continuation on the S&P500, getting closer to the dollar's bull move and other opportunities to follow. Watch all the details in our weekly video.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – SPX500 [Video]

Combining the Elliott Wave theory with Volume Profile gives a deep understanding of price behavior and critical levels to watch and trade. It is better to sell high and buy low always. But what is high or low? that is the real question. With Volume Profile, we can find an objective answer, and with Elliott Wave, the bias. This week on the Elliott Wave Street video, we cover live markets from Volume Profile and Elliott Wave perspective. FREE WEBINAR! The Power of Volume Profile and Elliott Wave in Markets. Register Now!

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – AUD/USD – SPX500 [Video]

The Elliott Wave analysis gives a deep context of markets, which is the foundation to find high probability entries. Combining the study with other techniques such as price action and institutional cycles creates a robust system to navigate the markets. On the weekly video, find our perspective on these markets EUR/USD, AUD/USD, and SPX500.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – USD/JPY – SPX500 [Video]

After the FED surprise hawkish speech, markets reacted strongly, some of them creating waves threes, others good discounts, and all of the markets huge moves. Elliott Wave analysis was able to point out most of these huge movements before they happen. So now is time to book profits and start planning the next move. On the weekly video, find our point of view and strategies to ride the best waves!

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EUR/USD – USD/JPY – SPX500 – Bond [Video]

Chaotic market cycles are challenging to understand and apply strategies. The Elliott Wave Theory is a solution to understand market cycles. After the wave analysis using a strategy equals the entry in the market.This week we are looking at several markets, expecting a strong US Dollar and Stocks Indicies. Please watch the weekly video to find all the details.

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Weekly Trading Plans: USD/JPY – SPX500 – Bond – DX [Video]

After the employment report last Friday, markets have significant and volatile movements. Without a clear trading plan will be hard to make money. But with a propper Elliott Wave analysis, the analyst can be one step ahead of price and have enough time to plan entries with a cold head.This week we are looking at several market entries. On the weekly video, please find some of our favorite setups.

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