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Elliott Wave EUR/USD March 14th 2018

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The price action on the EUR / USD is showing range behavior from the second week of January 2018, the objective of this article is to share our point of view about the current situation and future projection of the EURO. Our forte is technical analysis with emphasis on Elliott Wave. The Elliott Wave analysis is a brilliant technique to...

Elliott Wave EUR/USD: It´s Holiday Season but the price….

elliott wave
Navigating the markets using Elliott Wave is the best thing that a technician can do, this theory is not meant to solve your life and make you rich, but with the right strategy will launch your trading to a new level. Understanding the market cycles is one of the keys to success in trading. In this article you are...

Elliott Wave EUR/USD: October Update!

The Elliott Wave analysis is powerful when combined with a proper end of cycle validation technique, in this report, you will find our updated wave count with precise trading ideas. On the four-hour chart, we are looking to see the end of the wave “2” red. The price retraces close to the Fibonacci support 38.2%(1.1799) of wave one, most...

Elliott Wave EUR/USD: The 200 pip trade!

elliott wave
On the previous post, I suggested a bullish trade on the EUR/USD, and the trade worked nicely giving more than 100 pips. Today is the last day of trading in September, after a great month, we must get ready to achieve same or better results in October. The Elliott wave theory helps to find possible future cycle and the...

Elliott Wave EUR/USD: Bullish Setup Ahead!

elliott wave
Trading based on the Elliott Wave analysis is an exciting journey for any technical analyst from big guys to independent traders, this technique provides a way to organize the price action and understand every past cycle, once you do that part, forecasting the future is the easy thing. Here we have on the 4-hour chart, the price action on the...

Elliott Wave EUR/USD: Get ready for the bullish trade!

The price action on the EUR/USD this week is like riding a high-speed rollercoaster, big news impacted the financial markets, Harvey, North Korea and Non-Farm Payrolls data coming out on Friday. Personally, I prefer to focus on the charts and understand the price using technical analysis, seven years ago Elliott Wave caught my attention, and since then it´s my...