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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – USD/CHF – SPX500 – DX and AAPL

This week the EUR/USD is getting ready to start a new bullish cycle. The expected target is between 1.1250 and 1.1300. While the USD/CHF is setting up a short setup at current levels, the first target at 96.50, second target 96.00. The S&P500 is doing a corrective wave, and once it´s over, the bullish trend will resume. Finally, AAPL is in a sustained bullish trend, making higher highs, seems unstoppable bullish continuation is expected during the week. In the following video, you can find more details. Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day [...]

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Elliott Wave EUR/USD Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020, a year that brings new opportunities to continue trading and earning thousands of PIPS. How do you see your trading in twelve months? A key question we all need to ask at the beginning of each year. To reach your goals, make a list of all your trading purposes and then a plan to achieve them. One goal on your list will undoubtedly be to incorporate Elliott's waves into your trading. In this report, we will look at the EUR/USD from the Elliott Wave point of view. The Big Picture Doing the top-down analysis from the monthly or [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: USD/JPY – SPX500 – XAU/USD and TWTR

Nothing better than starting the week with fresh Elliott Wave analysis, in this video you are going to find some of my favorite trade setups to watch during this week. The USD/JPY is a keeper, and the Elliott Wave short started at 109.35, more bearish price action is coming. The S&P 500 shows a buying setup while GOLD is reaching profit taking areas. According to our wave count, TWTR is falling; wave 4 its done and the target at 28.55. Have a profitable week! Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day trial today: [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – EUR/JPY – SPX500 and TWTR

Its the last day of the year 2019, the EURO is going up actively making higher highs, while the EUR/JPY shows a high probability buy trade at current levels. It seems that the S&P500 is going to give us a special treat in 2020, expecting a corrective down for a discount. And TWTR ended its wave four as a bearish flag, and it is a short trade now with a target at 28.63 Thank you for following our analysis during 2019, we wish you a healthy, profitable, wealthy and happy new year 2020! Would you like to receive our [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD, USD/JPY and WTI

It is Christmas week, and the waves continue to move as any other week, the EURO shows a potential daily bearish reversal with a daily target at 1.0880. While the Japanese Yen is showing a short setup starting this week. Finally, WTI is one of my favorites for a big profit im looking to target the 50s area triggering short at 60.65 with a small stop loss. Find all the details on this video: Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day trial today: https://elliottwavestreet.com/membership/

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, DX, SPX and FB

The EURO hit the target 1.1180, this week the wave count suggests that a new high is expected above 1.12, once the price completes the bullish cycle, we are going to start looking for a short trade. The USD/JPY is getting ready to move lower, while the Dollar Index needs another swing down. The S&P is bullish and has more room to continue higher, but FB is in trouble, and it seems that big a drop is coming. Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day trial today: https://elliottwavestreet.com/membership/

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD, USD/CHF, SPX and TWTR

In this video, we are navigating the markets using Elliott Wave. Understanding the waves is vital to be successful in the markets. The favorites for the week are EUR/USD, USD/CHF, S&P500, and TWTR. Watch the video and start using the Elliott Waves from now on, along with your favorite trading strategy. Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day trial today: https://elliottwavestreet.com/membership/

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Fantastic Trade in the EURO

Let's look at the price action in the EUR/USD from Elliott Wave's point of view. To understand what part of the cycle we are in and where the price is likely to go. Last week we looked for a buy trade at 1.1010. The target is at resistance 1.1180, and we take partial profits along the way. Most traders lose money because they do not have the necessary preparation to make professional decisions without emotions. Elliott Wave is a land pole that helps us navigate these markets, which are in a storm mode all the time. Where is the price heading? [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, SPX and OIL

Navigating the markets with Elliott Wave adds a compelling view of the price action. The price action that happened will happen again but in different magnitude and shape. This week in some of my favorite trading plans, the EURO is catching my attention. After a bearish trend, the market started to bounce, signaling an excellent probability for a bullish reversal. The Yen is at a market top possible distribution in progress. Once the price action confirms the top, a short trade will happen. The S&P500 is in a weak bullish trend. If a bearish Elliott Wave impulse shows up, sellers will [...]

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EURO waves are restless

Trading is an exciting art full of opportunities and risks. Analyzing price action and making decisions is a worthwhile challenge. Technical analysis is the study of the chart employing different tools. The novice trader can feel like a child in a toy store. In the world of trading, there are hundreds of tools and methodologies to study the price. A trader who tries to use everything at the same time gets obfuscated and wastes his time. Patience acclaims the wise trader. The way to do things well is with patience, discipline, and dedication. In the vast universe of technical tools appears [...]

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