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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – USD/CAD – SPX500 and 10 YR BOND [Video]

It is memorial day, and the United States markets are closed; however, we can plan our trades and take the extra time to review the wave counts. According to our Elliott Wave analysis, the EURO against the Dollar could have a bullish move if some conditions are met. While USD/CAD is ready to move higher and we are long! The fantastic S&P 500 is likely to break out the 3000 resistance this week, and the ten year US Bond is going to give us a nice heads up to buy SPX. Watch this video and find detailed commentary about the [...]

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EUR/USD Elliott Wave: Waiting for the Big Short, meanwhile…

After a long consolidation, the EUR/USD has woken up, this week it made a bullish swing from the 1.0766 support to the 1.1008 resistance. The 239 pips swing is not over, and there is an option to jump into the trend. Either to add to a previous trade or to start a new trade. In this article, I will guide you step-by-step from an educational perspective to find the way to get in the bullish trade. Using the Elliott Wave theory, we name each price cycle to have a detailed inventory of the past and create high probability future scenarios. [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: USD/JPY – SPX500 – DX and WTI [Video]

After trading professionally for over ten years, if you ask me what the key to success in the markets is, the short answer is Elliott Wave Theory. The more developed answer is the Elliott Wave Theory, along with proper validation to jump into the trades. The end of each wave is a trading opportunity. It is critical to learn how to find that end with a high probability and a small risk. So the Elliott Wave theory as a standalone solution is likely to fail and make you lose money. But with the proper application is a gold mine. This [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – SPX500 and DX [Video]

After the NFP release on Friday, markets are back on track. The S&P500 might be in a reversal from bullish to bearish, but before taking trades is important to understand the Elliott Wave validation for the trade while the EUR/USD is setting up a high probability short trade with a conservative target at 1.0770s area. Please watch the video to see how to validate the waves and get our trading plans on EUR/USD, S&P 500, and Dollar Index. Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day trial today: https://elliottwavestreet.com/membership/

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – SPX500 and DX [Video]

With a heavy economic calendar, including the ISM and Employment data in the United States. Among other critical fundamental data. The price action is likely to have significant movements during the week. Everything is line up to have a drop in the S&P500, with a strong USD, pushing EURO lower. In the weekly video, you can find the commentary to improve timing and strategies to ride the wave with high probability setups. Have a fantastic trading week! Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day trial today: https://elliottwavestreet.com/membership/

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – DX and SPX500 [Video]

The Elliott Wave approach to understanding the price action is fascinating and useful. What we do with this tool is putting a name to each past cycle and link thousands of cycles and build the big picture. Based on market cycle repetition, we can get a robust forecast using Elliott Wave. Indeed, Elliott Wave is not here to solve all the trader problems, but it is a cornerstone to be a successful trader. This week the EUR/USD capture our attention, looking for a move down, getting ready to sell, and target the 1.0730 support. While the US Dollar is sideways and [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: GBP/USD – NZD/USD – SPX500 and WTI [Video]

Trading markets with Elliott Wave is key to making smart market decisions. Would you like to have a market map to see cycles and anticipate the next big move? Elliott Wave is the solution! This week im going to focus on these trades Short GBPUSD and NZDUSD once price action validation confirms. S&P500 eventually will start the move down, to find out when we need to see a five-wave sequence down. WTI is at critical levels and could continue lower with weak demand and strong supply. We are in front of the perfect storm. Would you like to receive [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: AUD/USD – SPX500 and WTI [Video]

Are we in front of the market top on the S&P500? There is a high probability that this week the index starts dropping back to the lows. While the Aussie is our favorite FOREX pair to take a short trade with low risk, WTI is flattening out after the free fall, OPEC meetings have not made the price to reverse and with the low demand price could continue heading down. Watch this Elliott Wave analysis video to apply the waves in your trading without the need to become an expert. Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? [...]

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