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Learn Elliott Wave with live markets examples EUR/USD, SPX500 and WTI

This is a heavy week because of fundamentals, FED, employment, and others, but we must keep trading and use the news to fuel our trades. To gain consistency and make money, the trader needs a good plan.The Elliott Wave theory draws the possible future scenarios, similar to a GPS. The markets move in cycles. It is a fact, and we can see it in our chart. If we find out the previous cycles, it is possible to forecast the upcoming cycles. Active learning is the best way to improve trading, and we focus on showing how to use the tools in [...]

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Four Elliott Wave trading setups for the week

Learning and mastering the Elliott Theory is a must for traders. It is a fascinating tool for understanding price behavior and getting to the best trading setups. Active training is vital in technical analysis. It means learning while doing. I have been teaching this technique since 2010, and it is the best time spent to understand the markets. This week we have four setups in sight EURUSD, EURGBP, SPX500, and XAUUSD. Watch the weekly video to get the details on these plans, and prepare to learn and enjoy trading with the Elliott Wave theory.

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Big Elliott Wave opportunity to short EUR – SPX and WTI

Finding tops and bottoms is considered the most challenging activity in trading while following the trend the easiest. But it is possible to trade both when the trader learns to spot a high probability setup at highs or lows. The Elliott Wave theory provides the context for learning and finding trades with price action validations. Active learning is mastering the subjects by getting involved in the real-life practice to accelerate the student's progress. There is nothing better than learning while doing. This week we are explaining in the video how to find the end of trends plus an objective analysis [...]

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Why? 2023 will be one of the most remarkable trading years.

The new year is a reset of trading; we should establish trading goals and plan to achieve them. The best job in the world is trading. You can make money from anywhere and enjoy all its benefits. Of course, reaching a level where enough money is made constantly requires effort. I found that the Elliott Wave theory is a good shortcut in the learning process because it provides the most critical piece of the mechanism, the market structure, which acts as the primary filter to get the bias, and simple price action strategies can be applied to decide if we [...]

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An easy way to use Elliott Wave and make good money

I have been coaching clients on Elliott Wave since 2010, from institutional traders who look to improve their wave counts to retail traders with huge issues and completely lost in their trading careers. One thing that all have in common is the wish to have an easy and successful way of applying the wave theory. Still, the most significant error I have found in these traders is the poor application of the theory. They were trying to figure out when a wave is finished by applying Fibonacci retracements and technical tools that only make the Elliott Wave theory their worst enemy [...]

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Will the SPX500 and EUR/USD climb or collapse?

It has been a great year in the financial markets, volatility was our best friend to make good money, and the Elliott Wave theory demonstrated that it works under any market condition. It was my first inflationary cycle, and applying the same strategy, and I can tell it was a fantastic year. This week we are looking for a higher high on the EUR/USD and SPX500, then shorting at the rejection will be the plan. Please watch the weekly video below for a detailed view of the trading plan.

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Good Elliott Wave trades are about to happen!

After the long weekend due Thanksgiving celebration in the US, markets are back to average volume; the Elliott Wave theory is pinpointing great entries with low risk and monster gains. Learning from live market analysis is a dream for any newbie to make money while learning. That is why I like to share my live market analysis to help traders worldwide achieve their objectives with an honest approach to analyzing markets that work over time. This week Im checking the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, and SPX500 from the fantastic Elliott Wave point of view with supply and demand techniques to approach price [...]

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How to find the end of a corrective wave? Learn with live market examples on EUR/USD and SPX500

A good trader can put together different tools and take a position in a market. Reading supply and demand combined with cycle analysis, such as Elliott Wave, is the foundation for profitable trading. One big mistake in the Elliott Wave theory application that beginners make is trading because they expect a wave over when there is no way of finding the end of a wave without supply or demand validation. A trader who triggers the trade based on feeling or subjective thoughts is gambling. This week im focusing the narrative on finding the end of a wave professionally by applying [...]

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The Elliott Wave precise roadmap for the week EURUSD and SPX500

Imagine having a precise market map knowing the price turning points. It sounds like a scam, right? Well, most traders are constantly looking for that; every week, I receive two or more emails asking if Elliott Wave will provide the precise target for each market swing. I remember once a trader from Asia asked me for a report with a specific target date and time when the price would turn. When I replied, explaining that it was impossible, he got mad and said to continue looking for that type of system. So the reality of markets is that nobody knows [...]

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Nice Elliott Wave setup; learn while you trade!

This week, markets have been sideways and under pressure due to two great fundamentals: US mid-term elections and the CPI report on Thursday. The technical analysis objective is getting an edge to make money in the markets. The first step is finding a bias. The Elliott Wave theory is a tool that gives a high probability price direction. The second step is validating the end of the wave to trigger the trade, and the third step is managing the active trade. If the trader has problems in one of the steps, achieving success will be impossible. The mechanism needs to be [...]

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