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Good Elliott Wave trades are about to happen!

After the long weekend due Thanksgiving celebration in the US, markets are back to average volume; the Elliott Wave theory is pinpointing great entries with low risk and monster gains. Learning from live market analysis is a dream for any newbie to make money while learning. That is why I like to share my live market analysis to help traders worldwide achieve their objectives with an honest approach to analyzing markets that work over time. This week Im checking the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, and SPX500 from the fantastic Elliott Wave point of view with supply and demand techniques to approach price [...]

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How to find the end of a corrective wave? Learn with live market examples on EUR/USD and SPX500

A good trader can put together different tools and take a position in a market. Reading supply and demand combined with cycle analysis, such as Elliott Wave, is the foundation for profitable trading. One big mistake in the Elliott Wave theory application that beginners make is trading because they expect a wave over when there is no way of finding the end of a wave without supply or demand validation. A trader who triggers the trade based on feeling or subjective thoughts is gambling. This week im focusing the narrative on finding the end of a wave professionally by applying [...]

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The Elliott Wave precise roadmap for the week EURUSD and SPX500

Imagine having a precise market map knowing the price turning points. It sounds like a scam, right? Well, most traders are constantly looking for that; every week, I receive two or more emails asking if Elliott Wave will provide the precise target for each market swing. I remember once a trader from Asia asked me for a report with a specific target date and time when the price would turn. When I replied, explaining that it was impossible, he got mad and said to continue looking for that type of system. So the reality of markets is that nobody knows [...]

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Nice Elliott Wave setup; learn while you trade!

This week, markets have been sideways and under pressure due to two great fundamentals: US mid-term elections and the CPI report on Thursday. The technical analysis objective is getting an edge to make money in the markets. The first step is finding a bias. The Elliott Wave theory is a tool that gives a high probability price direction. The second step is validating the end of the wave to trigger the trade, and the third step is managing the active trade. If the trader has problems in one of the steps, achieving success will be impossible. The mechanism needs to be [...]

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Elliott Wave strategy SPX500 and EURUSD

Markets are under pressure with big fundamentals this week, starting the FED on Wednesday and the employment report on Friday. We must get ready and buckle up for some exciting volatility and profitable market entries. The Elliott Wave theory is here to help us understand the price structure and provide guidance during sessions. This week we are looking for EURUSD to complete a bullish corrective wave for selling after and a bullish continuation on the SPX500. Please find all the details in the weekly video.

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Trade with Elliott Wave and Momentum the EUR/USD and SPX500

Is the trend always your friend? It is until it finishes, but how can we tell when the trend change is happening? Most traders spend hours trying to find a way to trigger a trade against the trend and capture the cycle from the beginning. One of the most successful ways to see the end of the direction is by reading when the trend is not trending anymore. Using momentum studies is simple to see in the chart when the previous trend is switching from trending to sideways, then we can wait for a failed continuation to jump in the [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – SPX500 and DX [Video]

The global markets are suffering from high inflation, and increasing the interest rate is the remedy to push consumer prices lower. Still, the cost of higher interest rates decelerates the economy and causes stock markets to move downward. The Elliott Wave theory is practical under any market cycle. It provides a price structure based on past cycles to get high-probability scenarios. This week we are looking at the EURO to continue lower, same with S&P500, and the US Dollar is expected to move higher. On the free weekly analysis video, find all the details to anticipate the market movements. [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD and SPX500 [Video]

The leading edge a trader can get by using the Elliott Wave theory is the market structure made by big institutions; their behavior gives clear hints about what is likely to happen next. This week we are looking for a bearish continuation in the EUR/USD and the SPX500. Find our point of view in the weekly video.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – USD/JPY and SPX500 [Video]

It is a mysterious week in global markets, and the FED previously announced a big interest rate hike. However, they didn't specify what "BIG" means. A solution is to be ready for everything. Applying the Elliott Wave theory generates scenarios where we can trade with the lowest risk possible.This week we talk about the EURUSD, USDJPY, and SPX500.

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