Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – SPX500 [Video]

Waiting for a too-late validation can make your stop loss huge in terms of point, creating a disadvantage to reach a risk-free trade faster. Confirmation should be quick and is mandatory. Trading without a signal from big institutions trading on your side is a big mistake too. Elliott Wave is good to visualize on the chart the best cycles to jump into a new trade.This week we cover two examples to make this point clear and help you improve the entries.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – GBP/USD – SPX500 – WTI [Video]

Trading with Elliott Wave as a bias indicator makes the trading business easier to understand and manage. It is not the whole solution but could solve more than 70% of questions and problems related to entries, risk management, and bias; along with any strategy, it is possible to have a complete system to succeed in markets.This week we are looking closely at these markets EUR/USD GBP/USD SPX500 and WTI/USD.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – SPX500 [Video]

When price action is doing big trending candles, the institutions have to withdraw liquidity, letting prices move even with low volume. As traders, we don't have to care about the point where the market will turn around. We have to read what the market is doing to find a discount and jump in a trade. With Elliott Wave is possible to create scenarios and pick the one with the highest probability with price action validations.Watch in the weekly video how these concepts apply in real life.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – SPX500 – WTI [Video]

The last step in a successful trading strategy is the trigger. It is the easiest part of trading, and there are hundreds of ways to enter the market. But most important is the work before the triggering process. Elliott Wave jumps in the stage to provide real-time guidance and a deep understanding of market cycles.On the Elliott Wave weekly video, find detailed commentary on EUR/USD, SPX500 and WTI.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – EUR/JPY – SPX500 [Video]

Location is a crucial aspect when finding a market entry. A trader could have a great entry strategy, and not knowing where to apply it could end in several failures. With the Elliott Wave theory, it is possible to find the high probability locations to use the entry strategy.This week we are looking at the EURO dollar and yen, along with the SPX500. Find on the weekly video our point of view.

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Weekly Trading Plans: USD/JPY – SPX500 – WTI [Video]

The Elliott Wave theory is the best add-on to trading, and it empowers any trading style and strategy. It provides a deep understanding of the cycles and gives a bias. Using the waves to trade is possible to plan the trades with days before the entry for swing, hours before for day trade, and minutes before on scalping.In the weekly video, we provide trading plans on USDJPY, SPX500, and WTI.

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Weekly Trading Plans: USD/JPY – USD/CAD – SPX500 [Video]

The best way to navigate markets is by using the Elliott Wave theory, which provides a clear view of the market cycles that helps keep a cold mind to make the wisest decisions. It also assists any strategy because it gives a strong foundation for your next trade. This week we are looking closely at USD/CAD and SPX500 to start the week making good profits. Find all the details in the weekly video.

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Weekly Trading Plans: USD/JPY – SPX500 [Video]

What is to buy low and sell high? Low compared to which price level? The answer comes with market valuation, finding the current price location to compare and pick a bargain. Elliott Wave is a great tool to find the current market valuation. In this weekly video, we present the logic behind the sell high and buy low from an Elliott Wave perspective. Plus the forecast on SPX500 and USDJPY. Find all the details and commentary on the weekly video.

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Weekly Trading Plans: USD/CAD – SPX500 [Video]

Trading market cycles makes all the sense of the world; the fine print comes when finding the reversals (end of cycles). There is where Elliott Wave jumps on the stage to guide during the process. Firstly it helps to count the cycles, and once the market cycles are complete, we can start looking for an entry. This week we are looking for a bullish trade on USDCAD and S&P500.

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