Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – BTC – SPX500 – BONDS [Video]

Will the market crash (SPX500 and BTC) continue? How can we find a high probability DIP? The Elliott Wave theory is here to save us from losing time and money. In this weekly video, we go back to basics, the dow theory accumulation, and distribution to get a clear reversal plan and go back on the bullish track or wait for the price to move lower and buy the real dip.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – SPX500 – WTI – BONDS [Video]

The second week in 2022 shows the volume coming back to the markets. The Elliott Wave theory is the best tool to understand smart money, more than talking about following trends. It is better to follow the money flow. A solid foundation in market cycles is an edge to trade with high probability.In the Elliott Wave Street weekly video, find our point of view on key markets.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – USD/JPY – SPX500 – WTI [Video]

Welcome to 2022, happy new year! Nothing better than starting the year with Elliott Wave analysis in live markets! This week we are looking at some high probability trades on Forex and Futures. The Elliott Wave analysis makes it possible to forecast the market direction and apply complementary tools to find the perfect timing to trigger the trade.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – GBPUSD – SPX500 – WTI [Video]

After a strong shake-out last week caused by higher than expected CPI (inflation), markets are starting the week with the potential for significant swings. The Elliott Wave theory serves the trader to understand the current cycle and find the highest probability trade. This week we are looking closely at these markets, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, SPX500, and WTI.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – EUR/JPY – SPX500 [Video]

Market valuation helps find the wholesale price level; to buy or sell inside this area and avoid trading in the retail zone. Finding these levels with volume profile is easy. Mixing the value with Elliott Wave adds confidence to any trade.This week we are finding the buy entry on EUR/USD and EUR/JPY and following the trend on the SPX500.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – USD/CAD – SPX500 [Video]

A trader who develops its mindset to find trades at extremes has a significant advantage to profit most of the time. Plus, adding Elliott Wave to understand the market cycles. It is the real holy grain in trading, with perfect timing for entries and exits.Our S&P500 trade has been working nicely and has more room to continue higher. Watch in our weekly video live markets trading setups.

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