Weekly Trading Plans: USD/JPY – SPX500- DOLLAR [Video]

Adding the Elliott Wave theory to your toolbox will make you a better trader by understanding the chaotic market cycles. It gives an edge and foundation to improve entries and filter out low-probability trades. This week, we look at the USD/JPY to get into a bullish trend; according to the wave count, the price will soon finish the corrective wave. Simultaneously, the SPX500 has moved higher for weeks, and now during the earnings season, it's likely to continue. The US dollar is cheap, and the reversal is coming up.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – AUD/USD and SPX500 [Video]

After the holidays, markets are starting again. Europe remains closed today, but the US is active and has a strong equity opening; the S&P500 is above 4000 and is likely to continue higher. The Elliott Wave theory suggested from weeks ago about the bullish 4000 point breakout. Having a clear plan is the first step to success in markets. This week, we look closely at the dollar, expecting a possible bullish move once it validates the trend change.

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Weekly Trading Plans: EURUSD – DX and SPX500 [Video]

Elliott Wave cycle analysis provides the edge that traders need to improve entries, manage the risk and empower their trading. Understanding the Elliott Wave's actual meaning of showing market direction, targets, and structure, but with the need for validation to make it work, is the key to have a robust trading system. This week we are looking for a significant reversal on the US Dollar, a bull move on the S&P 500, and validation to go long on majors such as the EUR/USD. FREE Volume Profile Webinar

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Weekly Trading Plans: USD/CHF – SPX500 and DX [Video]

Trading with the Elliott Wave theory is a fantastic journey to master the market cycles. The wave analysis provides key levels and future price points. Based on previous market cycles, it is possible to forecast the shape and targets with a high probability. This theory is friendly with any trading strategy and is the perfect match to improve your trading.On the weekly Elliott Wave Street video, find a trading plan on USD/CHF. We are looking for a wave up, same for the dollar. While the SPX500 could be in a deeper corrective wave, find all the details on the video. [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – DX – Bond and SPX500 [Video]

Having an edge and bias in trading is necessary to survive in the markets. With the Elliott Wave Theory, we can have both. The next step is validating with price action the reversals and triggering the trades. To master the Elliott Wave trading approach, patience, discipline, and tons of practice are needed.This week, we are looking to find confirmation on the Dollar Index to define the next move on currencies. The bond plays a crucial role in determining the reversals, and the SPX500 is likely to continue higher. Please find all the details in our weekly video. FREE Volume Profile [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – XAU/USD and SPX500 [Video]

Are you looking for a 100% success rate in your trading? Bad news so far nobody in a over 100 years period in trade has found the magic formula. If one day someone finds it, trading will be likely to be over. But the Elliott Wave theory can increase any strategy. Let's suppose a trader is having a 50% rate of success. When he adds the wave theory to his trading, the success rate could increase to 60% /70% or more. This tool is something that you definitely need to learn and master.On the Elliott Wave weekly update, we are looking [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – DX and SPX500 [Video]

The Elliott Wave trading approach is a unique way to reach your full trader potential. Learning or using the wave counts (from a PRO analysis) empowers every type of trading. You can mix up the wave analysis output with any other technique to validate the entries, such as price action, classical technical analysis, candlestick patterns, etc. This week we are looking for a retrace in the US Dollar to jump into the medium-term bull trend. At the same time, the SPX500 might be starting an upward move to 4000 area. FREE Volume Profile Webinar Click Here to Register [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – SPX500 – DX and XAU/USD [Video]

Do you know what volume profile is? How to use it? And how to find trades with it? This week we have a special analysis on the video using volume profile on the EUR/USD chart. Of course, along with the Elliott Wave analysis. The ideal trade comes after a good analysis putting it all together. Watch the Elliott Wave Theory in action on these markets: EUR/USD - SPX500 - DX and XAU/USD, learn, share and improve your trading. FREE Volume Profile Webinar - Signup here

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – DX – XAU/USD and SPX500 [Video]

A possible bear trap is developing on the US Dollar. It is possible to spot these traps applying the Elliott Wave theory to charts. Finding context is vital to understand the market cycles. Once a strong foundation for a value area has been found, the next step is to validate the trading idea and risk-reward analysis; if the ratio is right, we got a green light to pull the trigger.This week EUR/USD, DX, GOLD, and SPX500 are showing impressive Elliott Waves. Find all the details in the weekly video. Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start [...]

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Weekly Trading Plans: EUR/USD – DX – and SPX500 [Video]

Trading with cycles methodologies like the Elliott Wave Theory let us understand the market's price movement deeply. Information equals power. In the business of finding cheap assets to invest in, nothing better than using the Elliott Wave Theory to spot the best opportunities. Are you curious to watch how it works? Find our live market analysis on this weekly video, with comments on EUR/USD, Dollar Index, and S&P500. Would you like to receive our daily Elliott Wave analysis? Start your 30-day trial today: https://elliottwavestreet.com/membership/

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